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In UAE variety of screeding options now available, among them we are offering 3 options generally used for screed construction.

In an effort to explain those three different type of screed constructions in a simplified form, we are showing diagrams  (Courtesy: CSC Screeding) in sectional format for our valued decision makers.

We hope you will find this information helpful in choosing the right specification for your screeding project.

  • Bonded Screed

This is the type of screed where the screed layer is bonded fully to the substrate using a primer or bonding agent. This type of screed is ideal for thinner section screeds where heavy loading is expected. A bonded screed is generally of15-30mm thick.

  • Un-Bonded Screed

As the name suggests, un-bonded screeds are not bonded directly to the base, as mechanical scabbing is not possible. Un-Bonded screed is applied to Polythene/ Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) laid on top of the concrete base, which separates it from the main slab. This type is ideal for thickness greater than 50mm for standard screed and 40mm for modified screeds.

  • Floating Screed

For this type of screed, the screed layer is laid on top of insulation to create thermal insulated flooring.

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